Lap Cheong ChouricoMACAU PATUA is a new and unique culinary experience in London which focuses on the history, culture, identity and, most importantly, the food of the Macanese, who are the indigenous people of Macau.

The Macanese have their own, centuries-old cooking styles, which at the Macau Patua evenings, held once a month, are explored by chef Lau Suet-Ming who presents a four course Macanese dinner. The Macau Patua evenings also feature a pre-dinner talk by Macanese food expert and food anthropologist Annabel Jackson, the author of “Taste of Macau” and “Macau on a Plate”, who will explain how and why this richly varied canon of dishes evolved, based on Portuguese dishes but incorporating the tastes of Southeast Asia. Annabel will be able to explain the history and significance of each dish as it is presented with interaction by Suet-Ming.  

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Macau is a tiny territory on the southern coast of China, an hour by boat from Hong Kong. Macau is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of China (the other is Hong Kong) and it has a rich and multi-cultural history.  Any direct Chinese influence on Macanese culture has only occurred in the last few decades.  Some of the more distinct influences include those of Southeast Asia and Portuguese colonialists. The many and varied range of cultural influences on Macau, its people and its food has led some to call Macanese food the first real fusion food.

For more on the history of Macau and Macanese food, see our “History” page.